Founded in 2009 by Mohit Mahajan, the company's objective is to build a library of curated independent films. Audiences can enjoy good quality films anytime, anywhere (worldwide) via an APP on their tablets, smart phones (such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc.) and/or TV (such as Apple TV). We are building a community of indie film lovers, who can now enjoy indie movies on their mobile devices.

Our library consists of films that have played at various top film festivals; and after their run at the film festival circuit, there is no good place to watch them anywhere. We help fill that void, and our audiences can now watch these films on their phones and/or tablets via our App.

  Mohit Mahajan, Founder                                                                

VOD Digital Distribution

2wayTV is a worldwide digital distributor of independent films. We license films, distribute them digitally (VOD, worldwide) via an App on tablets and phones (iOS and Android) and share 50% revenues with the rights owner.

In August 2011, we launched the Free App Play Festival Films ( Indie film lovers can now enjoy best short films from top film festivals such as Cannes, TIFF, Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Palm Springs, AFM and others; and the best student films from University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles and animation films from CalArts, Los Angeles. Audiences can watch our free shorts and features collection, or purchase films from any genre from our premium library for the displayed price; and ‘stream’ plus ‘download’ films with no expiration date. Further, check the nominations and awards that each film earned at various worldwide film festivals and read the biography and filmography of each film's director. You may additionally share and recommend the film to your friends.

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